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About Emma Cooper

Emma Cooper is a freelance writer, photographer, blogger and podcaster. A keen gardener, Emma lives in Oxfordshire with three plastic compost bins, two wormeries and a pair of bokashi bins. There used to be chickens, too, but they have all moved on to pastures new.

Emma is a Master Composter and loves making compost, a habit which supports her efforts to grow edible and useful plants in an environmentally-friendly way. Her first book, ‘The Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A to Z’, covers a wide range of topics from green gardening techniques to unusual edibles and was published by Permanent Publications in 2009.

The Allotment Pocket Bible’ was published by Crimson Publishing in June 2011 and is part of a series of books that “bring you fun facts and fascinating advice, ensuring even the most knowledgeable person will find out something new”.

Emma is also the author of Dennis Publishing’s magbook ‘Growing Vegetables is Fun’, aimed at children of all ages and designed to get them outside, having fun and growing their own food. The third edition was published in spring 2010.

If she’s not out in the garden, making compost and growing odd plants, or writing books, Emma will be updating her garden blog and recording the Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast. She also writes gardening and green living articles, and has been published in the Guardian, the Ecologist and Permaculture Magazine (among others) as well as appearing on the BBC Gardening and Reader’s Digest Gardening blogs.


My name is Emma Cooper - this is my website. I write about things like gardening and sustainable living, edible and otherwise useful plants, environmental issues and food and whatever is rattling around my brain at any given moment. Visitors to this site come from all over the world, but I am based in the UK.


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