Recycled crate wormery

I went to a Master Composter event at the weekend, and we had a demonstration of a home made wormery – as you can see, it’s made of recycled crates. These crates came from the Orinoco Oxford Scrapstore, but you might be able to find something similar local to you.

In fact, anything stackable can be made into a DIY wormery. The bottom tray needs to have no holes in the bottom, so it collects the worm ‘tea’ that drains out. You can fit a tap if you want too, but you could also just tip the liquid out as and when necessary. The upper trays need to have holes drilled into the bottom so that liquid drains down and the worms can move through the trays.

Depending how snugly your trays fit together, you may need to drill smaller air holes in the sides, so the worms don’t suffocate. A lid prevents too much rainwater from getting in, and the worms from escaping.

The instructions for this recycled crate wormery are downloadable as a PDF file from CAG Oxfordshire.

Robert 4

This is another recycled crate wormery; Robert is using an old wool jumper as a top layer to keep moisture and heat in and the worms happy.

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