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Recycle your Lego

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Got a big pile of Lego blocks you’re not using? This Buzzfeed article has 21 ways to upcycle them into something new :)

→ 21 ways to upcycle your lego

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Shaken Cocktails

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A monthly box of cocktail ingredients, delivered by mail, complete with recipes and instructions :) £24 Might be a fun way to learn how to mix drinks!

→ Shaken cocktails

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Do you have a Second World War bomb in your back garden?

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Interesting article in the Telegraph about the possibility of finding unexploded bombs in your back garden, and what to do if you do :)

→ Do you have a Second World War bomb in your back garden

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Glamping holidays

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Nice-looking ‘glamping’ sites in the south west, all of which have en suite facilities. Might be worth looking into for holidays.

→ Classic glamping

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Emma wrote: LHC Season 2

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How exciting! I’ve written an article about the LHC restart :)

→ Season 2: It's time to break physics

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How to avoid gluts and hungry gaps

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As part of the Guardian’s Live Better Challenge, I’m talking about how to even out the harvests in your garden to avoid the feast vs famine conundrum. There’s nothing worse than realising you can’t face another green bean, or courgette, after the hard work that went into making your garden productive, but it’s an easy problem to fix. Click through to the Guardian website to read more.

→ Glutbusters: how to avoid a humungous harvest

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Floral fudge

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I love this recipe from Higgledy Garden, because it combines edible flowers (an unusual, and beautiful addition to a vegetable garden) and one of my favourite things – fudge. Plus it mentions volcanoes and Jules Verne :)

→  Calendula and Cornflower Fudge Recipe

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To sow, or not to sow? That is the question

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It’s easy for gardeners to be seduced by the lure of spring, especially after a long winter, and invest in more seeds than they can so. It leads to over stuffed seed boxes, and gardens that are bursting at the seams. It also leads to lots of packets of seeds that have passed their sow-by-date. Will they grow? Most people, I think, have a hard time chucking them out and so they accumulate. This lovely post from Daughter of the Soil (from 2008!) explains why it’s worth giving them a go, particularly if it’s something unusual that was hard to get hold of.

→ Why I love out-of-date seeds

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Naming ferns

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This article, an interesting one about the consumption of ferns in Russia and beyond, illustrates a common problem when you’re researching unusual edible plants – it doesn’t name the species involved. Non-scientific articles often use only ‘common’ names, which may not be common (widespread) at all. In this case there’s no name at all, but the references to toxins should put most people tucking into the ferns in their garden. You’d need to do some more research to find out which ones are safe to eat.

→ A tasty snack from a toxic plant

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Pasta with space aliens

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I’ve only grown kohl rabi once, but they are an impressive vegetable, looking like many-armed space aliens, or perhaps sputniks. Apparently the Sicilians prefer to harvest them young, when the leaves are still tender, and cook the whole vegetable into a ‘wet’ pasta dish. This looks like a lovely way to use an unusual harvest from your veg patch.

→ KOHLRABI with pasta – a wet dish (Causunnedda che cavuli )

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