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A Guide to Washing Your Evening Gowns

Every woman attends a formal party, from proms to weddings to corporate gala dinners. And if you’re in the fashion industry or Hollywood, then you surely attend more formal parties than the average woman. And for that, your wardrobe is teeming with evening gowns made of various rich fabrics. Since you’ve most probably only worn

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birthday cake

Practical Ideas to Give Your Daughter a Memorable 18th Birthday

Are you having a hard time figuring out how to celebrate your daughter’s 18th birthday? It may be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. You might also get torn between planning the party with your daughter or making it a surprise event. No matter what you choose from these two, you need

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bunch of people working out

How to Become a Health Coach

A lot of people who are very passionate about sports and fitness choose to pursue a career in that field. Some become athletes and spend their lives training and joining leagues or competitions. Others attend a school for health coaches and make a living out of helping people achieve their fitness goals. Indeed, these are all very

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Stressed person being consoled

Why You Should Bake To Relive Stress

“Stress-baking” is a thing, and you guessed it—it’s baking to relieve stress. Contrary to what you’ve seen from Bon Apetit’s Clair Saffitz, who actively expresses her frustrations in YouTube videos, psychologists attest that baking has several stress-relieving benefits. It’s like the slime trend from younger generations, except you end up with pastry afterward. Baking relieves

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How to Prevent Hay Fever This Coming Spring

Spring is almost here. Once again, the trees will turn green and the colorful flowers will bloom to signal the end of winter. However, after the snow has melted, the warmer and sunnier weather also heralds the return of your seasonal allergies. Millions of people experience hay fever, a reaction to the many different allergens,

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