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Life-Saving Skills Every Child Should Learn

Accidents and emergencies don’t care about the age of those involved. This means that even children can be caught up in dangerous or life-threatening situations. What is worse is that there might not be any adults they can turn to for help. So they need to learn some essential skills that will save their life

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How You Can Help Your Child Prepare for College

College is one of the most difficult stages of our lives. This is where we start to realize our dreams and slowly build a personal and professional path headed towards what we’re aiming for. You may already be at a place where you’ve fulfilled your dreams, but your child might still be struggling. That’s why

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The Essential Items You Need Before Moving to a College Dorm

There’s nothing more exciting than being a college freshman and getting into your dream university. The excitement adds up when you’re finally moving out of your parent’s house and living on your own. While this can bring feelings of homesickness, living alone in college can be a rewarding experience as you move towards adulthood. By

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Why Parents Should Give Their Kids Freedom to Learn

Parents would always want what’s best for their children. So, even if they’re still at a young age, it’s already ideal that you allow them to do various activities that they can enjoy, whether by giving them the chance to play with their friends or watch their favorite movies on TV. At the same time,

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A First-time Job Seeker’s Guide to Looking for Opportunities

Applying for a job is one of the most challenging ordeals for anyone. There are more rejections than good news. And at times, it can be discouraging when you’ve faced a lot of rejections. No one has the formula for successfully getting into your dream job. But there are reasons why some fail their application

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You Should Play Games And Storytell With Your Child More Often!

Children are like sponges for information, and they’ll start soaking in whatever they can from all angles and experiences of their life journey. In fact, their level of curiosity for every little thing that happens around them is what keeps them on their toes and seemingly never out of energy to have a little fun.

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Home Schooling: Is it Right for Your Family?

Parents who choose to home school their children are generally more concerned about the quality of education their children receive. There are many academic benefits of homeschooling, and combined with the flexibility and opportunities that homeschooling offers, it can be a better option to ensure your child’s future. Homeschooling can also assist you in developing a better lifestyle

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Learning How to Read: The Role of Parents in Child Learning

Reading is one of the most important skills a person may find useful for their entire life. In this society where literacy is the key to success, learning to read becomes a fundamental part of a child’s life. But literacy doesn’t begin only when a child starts attending school. Unfortunately, many parents tend to forget

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Keep Yourself Busy but Mentally Healthy with These Hobbies

Having a hobby is important. But in the time we are in, people are always on a hustle. They juggle several gigs a week that they no longer have the time to pause and do something else. And this can be damaging. Overworking can lead to a lack of sleep and fatigue, resulting in being

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Parents Know Best: the Shift to Virtual Schooling

The teaching profession isn’t for everyone but many parents nowadays. They have no other choice but to be a teacher to their kids. This arrangement is brought about by the ongoing global pandemic that has forced kids to stay home and learn their lessons with their parents. Instead of going to school with their peers,

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