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Choosing a College Course with Your Young Adult

Seeing your children off to college might be one of the saddest and most heartbreaking moments of your life. Imagine caring for someone for more than half your life, then sending them off to a place where there is a high chance of them not returning anymore — save for a few holidays. Every year,

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Parenting Pointers: Homeschool Essentials for Children

The challenges faced during COVID-19 is a lesson in handling new things that life throws at you. One of these is becoming a literal educator to your children and the home becoming their literal school. As schools are closed, it falls to the parents to help their children with schoolwork. With the pandemic seemingly not

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How to Make a Room Distraction-proof for Your Little Virtual Learner

Distance learning can sometimes be tiring, especially if you have to accompany your little one who has a limited attention span. The current pandemic is not disappearing anytime soon, even if vaccines are already available. One way or another, distance learning is here to stay. Preschoolers learn more from activities and project-based lessons. The importance of preschool is that it ensures

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Online Education: Parents’ Roles in the Current Educational System

There are currently 825 million learners affected by school closures because of COVID-19. Schools are advising their students to take online classes as a substitute for in-class learning. Online classes are not the same as before since most students do not have the luxury of gadgets and proper internet connection. Students who take online classes

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5 Ways To Not Kill Your New Garden

A perfectly manicured lawn makes any house look more idyllic. It’s the cherry on top of a sundae, the sundae being your home and its immediate surroundings. A lawn makes one house look more inviting, and keeping it looking good raises a home’s value. And think about it: If the people living there have kids

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The Importance of a School’s Emblem in a Student’s Learning and Pride

How many times have you found yourself bursting with pride every time you see your school’s emblem? Be it on TV, on a shirt, or on the gleaming monogram split letters emblazoned on the campus’s gates? Though you don’t likely remember all the exact details of your school’s emblem, you will recognize it everywhere. And like

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Becoming a Master Chef: How to Facilitate Your Children’s Growth in Culinary Arts

Being part of the culinary world is both a humbling and challenging experience. Every parent that went through culinary school knows this. However, it is one of the most fulfilling educational courses in the world. Serving others while expressing yourself through self-made dishes is something you will carry on throughout your life. Making people happy through

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Should I Encourage My Child to Pursue an Art Degree?

In a time when dreaming doesn’t seem plausible, it becomes difficult to encourage students to keep pursuing their passions. The field of art, in particular, seems the most impractical. Why take up an art degree when other majors offer more financial stability? As parents, our role is to nurture hopes and keep opening up paths

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How to Encourage Your Students to Volunteer

It is an age-old saying that education is not limited to the classroom. Students gain necessary skills in class, but there is a world beyond where they can discover and learn invaluable lessons. One of the best ways to let young people broaden their horizons is by encouraging them to take on volunteer work. Why

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