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The COVID-19 Pandemic and Senior Mental Health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, older adults faced greater risks. In addition to higher vulnerability to server complications, seniors also experience greater difficulties accessing care and using technology to adapt to the new normal. But an often overlooked effect of the pandemic is its mental toll on the aging population. The University of Michigan Health reports

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COVID-19 Homeschooling: How You Can Support Your Child

At this point, there’s vibrancy in the learning institutions. A few states have already decided to move forward with in-person learning. However, there is still a prevailing hesitancy for most while a handful is bent on sticking with homeschooling or remote learning as the best medicine to take for now, albeit bitter for the most

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Practical Wedding Planning Pointers for Busy Brides-to-be

It’s amazing if you think about how much preparation goes into just one day. For months, you have to take care of every detail and tie up each loose end before the wedding date comes. It takes months—sometimes even more than a year—to get ready for such a special event in one’s life, and if

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Real World Lessons Young Children Need to Learn

When the older millennials started becoming independent, they found themselves clueless about life. How do we file tax returns? What’s the difference between a savings and a checking account? How do we cook food without burning the house? Those were some of the most common questions millennials asked when they left the nest. And they faced

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Teaching Kids to Make the Most Outside While Social Distancing

No doubt, children have been adversely affected by the virus. Though they have not suffered the biggest brunt compared to adults, many have died during the pandemic. As of December 2020, over 2 million children in America have been infected by COVID-19; nearly 200 have died. For the majority of children, dealing with mental health issues

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Mistakes Parents Make When Supporting Kids Learning at Home

Kids these days are not merely studying their lessons at home after a productive day at school. Some are actually being home schooled by their parents. Others, on the other hand, are learning remotely. You may have done your part in providing them a desk, a chair, and a place where they can study their

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How High School Has Made You Ready for the Life Ahead

Although you couldn’t celebrate the way you wanted to, you have finished that part of your life. If you think you missed out on so many milestones as you went through this precious time in your life in a time so unique such as the pandemic, then you’re wrong. If anything, you are more than

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Having a criminal record

Unfortunately, a criminal record can define an individual and prevent them from leading a life of liberty, of one that they wish to enjoy. Depending on the country, many people find that they cannot travel where they wish to and unless the conviction is spent, meaning that it is historic for several years and therefore

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Making Kids Understand the Value of Chores

Teaching your children how to do the chores is probably as old as time. It’s a long and ongoing tradition that, unfortunately, is beginning to halt as technology makes household chores more and more convenient. Machines that automate household tasks are now common in many houses, and kids do not know how to do things

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Home Room: Turning a Room into a Conducive Study Area

Parents have needed to shift roles during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from being hands-on parents at home, parents have needed to shift roles as teachers to their kids. The global health crisis has forced schools to shift to the digital realm, and this has changed the way kids learn in the comfort of their homes.

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