Providing Your Kids with a Conducive Learning Environment

Schools all over the globe were forced to temporarily abandon the traditional classroom setting and adopt a new model of learning because of the pandemic. Because of how dangerous it is to go outside, especially for children, students were encouraged to use online resources to continue their education. Home-learning itself is already difficult for a

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How Can Parents Support Their Child in Home Learning?

With all the things currently happening around the world, students are forced to adopt a different learning style. Nowadays, some schools do not allow the use of the traditional classroom because of the pandemic. This gave birth to the need for remote learning. This learning setup is when students stay at home and use the

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Dealing with Toddlers: First Years of Parenthood

Young parenthood nowadays already belongs to the millennials. There might even be incredibly young parents from Gen Z. Being a young parent can be an exciting new adventure for every couple but going through it during this time is difficult. Since the onslaught of the global health crisis, things have been more difficult to handle.

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Five Practical Things You Should Teach Your Kids

Some things can’t be learned in school. Parents should live up to their title as children’s “first teachers” and teach them the way. The education system has established subjects for the big world: math, science, the arts, to name a few. However, in the tiny world that revolves around an individual and their familiar circle,

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Helping Your Child Choose the Right College Major

All parents would naturally want their child to succeed, especially in college or university admissions. For most, this college admission process is the first time your child will be making major life decisions independently, and these can have significant consequences for their future. One such decision is choosing a major. Although it’s not required that

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Allergies Down, Healthy Living Up: Educate Your Children About Allergies

Allergies are one of the most common diseases in the US. At least 50 million Americans experience allergies each year. It is also the sixth leading chronic illness within the country. Although it isn’t entirely fatal, some allergies can lead to complications that can be lethal in medical settings. Allergies that go alongside other diseases can also prove disastrous

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Bridging the Gap between Technical and Academic Education

There is a continuous demand for high-skilled workers in different fields worldwide. We have reached the age wherein we are now facing a skill crisis here and abroad. In the UK, for instance, the demand for skilled workers in various sectors reached a sky-high. Many industries now lack talented individuals to sustain business needs. Such a problem will only continue

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Applying Kids’ Skills from Construction Play to Outdoor Living

Lego, Magna-tiles, and kinetic sand. For us parents, these are just toys that we buy for our kids. But for our kids, these toys are so much more. They’re tools for them to bring their creative imagination to life. They built castles with Magna-tiles and kinetic sand. They built towers and robots made from Lego

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How You Can Guide Your Child to the Right Career Path

Parents need to be more than just an ‘authority’ figure to their children if they want their kids to succeed. They need to be their kids’ friend and mentor, guiding them to choose the right career for them, which is crucial for their future and well-being. After all, younger individuals tend to be more indecisive,

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Parenting 101: Protecting Your Family Against Dengue Fever

Severe dengue fever is a life-threatening illness followed by a potentially lethal complication within a few hours. It is an infectious disease and spreads through the mosquito’s bite during the day or night time. Each year, the dengue virus infects around 400 million people worldwide. There is no specific medicine to treat dengue fever nor

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