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Three Important Decisions Parents Can Help Their Children With

Most parents want to do what they think is best for their children. They want to guide them in their decisions, be there for them when they fall, and provide them with the tools to succeed. They do this because they love them in a selfless, unconditional way. Yet, sometimes the level of parent involvement

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Real results through professional action

Dentists should not be expected to be able to understand how to bring in new clients by using dental SEO. Google has more than 200 factors that it takes into account when it uses algorithms to understand how a reader is likely to see any given website. It is expected of a specialist to understand

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What Makes Study Spaces Improve a Your Kid’s Grades

With or without online classes, every student needs a dedicated study space at home. Living room coffee tables and dining tables don’t count. If you won’t work in those spaces because of the distractions around, then a student also feels the same way. Sadly, many students aren’t as lucky to have a quiet study space

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School Safety: 7 Things That Parents Should Check and Know About

Parents will keep no stones unturned to ensure the safety and security of their kids. One of the biggest and most challenging moments as a parent is to watch your kids go to kindergarten. That first day will hit you like an ice-cold shower after a night of revelry. There is simply no comparison to

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Remote Learning Pointers Parents Can Use to Help Kids

The pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things. With the threat looming over us, most of us were forced to retreat to the safety of our homes. Remote work and distance learning have become the new norm. Although most of us still prefer in-person interactions, for the sake of safety, we

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6 Ways to Make Remote Learning Convenient for Your Kids during COVID-19

Before the pandemic, kids doing home school are considered the exception rather than the norm. Parents often make the conscious decision not to send their kids to a formal school due to several reasons such as bullying and learning disability. In many ways, such an arrangement works like magic for kids and their parents; however,

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Adult Learning: To Address Singapore’s Aging Workforce

Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in Southeast Asia today. But it’s facing a huge problem, and that is the aging workforce. According to a study conducted by the Marsh & McLennan Companies, the number of workers over 50 will increase by 55 percent by 2030. This demographic will make up 40 percent

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Making the Remote Learning Process Productive

While some schools are planning to open, remote learning will continue for most students in the United States. Parents are now facilitating the learning process even though they have little to no teaching experience. Couple this with the work-at-home arrangement of many, it can be a challenge to make the home-schooling productive for the children.

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How Important Should a School Be in Applying for a Job

What is the value of your education? Do you get paid more if you went to a prestigious college or university? Should you demand a better salary and a higher position if you have the credentials to back up this demand? Hiring managers know that there are a lot more they have to consider when someone applies

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Is Your Kid Struggling with Distance Learning? Here’s How You Can Help

A study from the last quarter of 2020 found that many students are struggling with distance learning. And it's no surprise: Extensive research found that while there are a lot of benefits to distance learning, like giving students access to resource and information they might not have access to in a traditional classroom setting, there are

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