5 Benefits of Enroling Your Dog in a Boot Camp

If you’ve watched an episode or two of Dog Whisperer, then you’ve probably been amazed by how Cesar Millan, the resident dog trainer, works his magic even on the most stubborn canines. Through Millan’s expert handling and application of dog obedience techniques, he succeeds in teaching dogs to obey his and their fur parents’ commands

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employees in a meeting

Ways to Improve Workplace Productivity

Are your company’s productivity and efficiency just not making the cut these days? Are you worried about the potential of your operations and looking for ways to combat an unproductive workforce? Productivity, although sometimes considered to be immaterial, is often what constitutes successful operations. Although it could be based on several other factors, it is

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The Water Crisis in Australia: Why Is It Happening?

Boyz II Men used to hum, “Don’t wait until the water runs dry.” These guys might be talking about love, but doesn’t it apply to the water crisis in Australia as well? For instance, now is the best time to consider Perth reticulation repairs if your sprinklers are not working the way they should. Otherwise,

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view of buildings from below

Greener Buildings in New Zealand

The New Zealand Building Council has climate change in mind as it enacted stricter building codes that seek to eliminate the use of gas and coal in new buildings as well as retrofit older buildings to meet the code. The council will continue toughening up the code as it sees problems and but you can

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at a construction site

How to Prevent Construction Hazards

Worker safety is always important in any industry, but in particular, construction and industrial crews are more exposed to hazards that can affect their health. This is especially true when one counts the number of accidents that occur in these workspaces. Here are some effective ways to prevent mishaps in your construction site. Invest in Fall

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How to Start Treating and Reusing Waste Water at Your Business Plant

In today’s world, growing global awareness and concern for the environment have made it essential to run business operations with a sense of ecological responsibility.  Businesses need to practice sustainability from sourcing to production and distribution. This is often not merely an ethical consideration, but increasingly a matter of compliance. If you operate a plant

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parking lot

Why Is Your Parking Lot Pavement Important for Your Business?

The parking lot is the first thing your customers will see when they visit your business. Whether you’re in the service or retail industry, your business will enjoy having a well-maintained parking lot. It shows that you care about your customers and their property—the vehicles they park. It improves your brand’s image. It also lessens the

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Facts vs Myths: Starting a Business in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has an impressive economy; personal income has increased. The unemployment rate is below the national rate; the employment rate continues to grow. According to The Kauffman Index of Main Street Entrepreneurship, more than half of the businesses in Wisconsin have survived their first five years. In addition, almost 6.5% of adults consider business ownership

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Oil and Gas Industry

What Makes Up the Oil and Gas Industry?

As the demand for energy continues to increase in the world, with industrialization and urbanization still prominent forces in the world, the oil and gas industry continues to remain one of the world’s largest and most important. Despite the calls for a shift towards more renewable energy, oil and gas are still needed to keep

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