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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Don’t Let Rheumatoid Arthritis Hinder Your Travels

One minute, you are having the best time of your life. The next, you feel that sudden yet familiar flare of pain in your joints. Such is the life of a person diagnosed with arthritis. When you’re traveling, you tend to immerse your senses in all the things around you. In effect, you forget the

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Sneezing man

Sneezing a Lot Lately? Your Home May Have These Indoor Allergens

Sneezing is a way for the body to get rid of any irritants residing on the nose or throat. Usually, the irritants go away with a few sneezes. If you’re frequently sneezing, however, it may be an indication of allergens in the air that are persistently making their way into your passageways. If you’re sneezing

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Hospital ward with bed and medical equipment

Factors in Choosing Where to Give Birth

Not all hospitals are the same. Some have a more humane emergency department billing practices than the others. Some have more efficient patient care system courtesy of the medical professionals working in the building. Some have more comfortable facilities explicitly designed with recovery in mind. Of course, due to unfortunate circumstances, there are instances where

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Eating healthy lunch with family

Passing Healthy Habits on to Your Kids

Kids must know the importance of health at an early age even if they cannot fully grasp the concept as to why their health matters, teaching them now will turn those post-waking up and pre-sleeping rituals into habits they will carry as adults. According to Data USA, 94.3% of the population in Riverton has health

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patient in surgical operating room

Guide to Surgical Instruments

For someone who does not have basic knowledge and minimal experience when it comes to surgical instruments, it can be challenging and confusing. The names are complicated, there’s very little difference between various tools, and the use for each instrument is not quite easy to understand. A beginner in the medical field may feel overwhelmed

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STD test sexsual transmitted diseases diagnosis medical and healthcare concept

What to Do if You You Have a Sexually Transmitted Infection

Getting infected with a virus or disease is already a bad situation in itself. However, it gets worse when you are hindered from openly getting treated or talking about your condition. This is the situation when someone is infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD). As the name suggests, STDs are spread through contact between

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senior home care

Managing Parkinson’s Disease

Actor Michael J. Fox and retired boxer Muhammad Ali dedicated their lives to create their own foundations for Parkinson’s research and advocacy, elevating awareness and establishing a platform for the disorder. Today, many people around the world have Parkinson’s and continue their day-to-day activities. Even with movement disabilities, people can still live quality lives with

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Elderly woman seeing a doctor

The Kind of Healthcare That Everyone Deserves

Medical equipment and tools are crucial in improving a patient’s health and saving someone’s life. They play a vital role in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of medical conditions. From a dental ceiling light to electronic monitoring systems, the tools should be top-notch because the success of the procedure is on the line. You’ve probably

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teeth mold with dental mirror

Most Common Orthodontic Problems

Orthodontic treatments were once viewed as cosmetic procedures, but as years have passed, they are now treated as a routine when visiting the dentist. It is estimated that around 60% to 70% of adult Americans visit their dentists regularly. Therefore, since more patients see their dentists, they become more aware of orthodontic treatments. Although more

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