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Home Hazards: 3 Health Concerns that Indicate a Problem in Your House

You might not have noticed it before. Before the pandemic-induced quarantine, it was easy to assume that all your health irks are related to outdoor elements. Now that you’re frequently at home, however, it’s not as hard to determine why you still reach for your stock of antihistamines and ibuprofen daily. If you regularly suffer from

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How to Effectively Take Care of Common Skin Infections

As most of us know, our skin is essentially the barrier that separates the harsh outside environment and its elements from the “delicate” soft organs and that we have inside our body. Our skin is not just the most durable organ in our body (aside from our bones), but it’s also known for stopping microbes

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First Aid: Minimizing Injuries from an Epileptic Seizure

Have you ever went to events that feature bright blinking lights, and you saw warning signs that these lights might cause epileptic seizures? Well, there’s a good reason those signs are there in the first place. Treating someone currently having a seizure episode is easier said than done. Even though not everyone has ever experienced

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What Are Some Exercises Bedridden Patients Can Do?

There are several reasons why we could be bedridden, but most of the time, it’s because we are severely injured or sick. But even though we’re stuck in a hospital bed or our bed at home, we still need to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit. Of course, we don’t necessarily have to do heavy

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The Benefits of Green Tea, a Super Drink for Beauty and Health

Beyond the bubble milk teas popular among youngsters, there is a wealth of goodness in the traditional tea drink. What ends up in the bubble tea is already diluted, with too much milk and sugar added. But if only young people learn the benefits of tea, they might be enticed to drink the traditional one

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Aging Gracefully Is More Possible than Ever

More and more people all over the world are extending their lifespans thanks to modern medicine, technology and a new understanding of nutrition and wellness. But even as everyone wants to live longer, very few want to look older. Indeed, if the medical industry has focused on prolonging life, the health and beauty industry has focused on

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Teledentistry Opens Up New Opportunities for the Dental Industry

The 2019 Coronavirus pandemic has forced medical and healthcare professionals—including dentists—to think of innovative ways to deliver quality care to their patients. The limited mobility of people to avoid the spread of the virus and the complex process of visiting a hospital or clinic during the pandemic has made scheduling an appointment difficult. Healthcare facilities

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Physical Changes to Expect When You Get Older

From gray hair to creaky bones, aging will bring about many unexpected changes to your body. Although nobody ages the same way, you’ll experience specific transitions as you get older. Here are some changes you should expect and how you can prepare for them: Bones As you get older, your bones will decrease in density

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Eating Disorder Relapse: Why Does It Happen?

First of all, if you’ve gone through an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia, then you deserve all the applause. Your journey wasn’t easy, but you’ve made it! However, you also need to pay attention to a common problem: relapse. The possibility is between 35% and 36%, and it could occur within two years

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Understanding the options

Whether it is a child or an adult who is seeking support to straighten their teeth, professionals who are specifically trained in this field of dentistry are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience that is needed to ensure that the right approach is taken for best results. Most children are taken to see one

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