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Inman Aligner

Need a way to straighten your teeth quickly? A brief guide to the Inman Aligner

There is a somewhat common misconception amongst dental patients that having braces fitted as an adult will ultimately mean wearing heavy, metal aligners. And, as adults, very few people can accommodate such a noticeable change into their appearance without feeling self-conscious or worried about how others perceive them. Thanks to advances in both cosmetic and

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5 Ways to Transform Your Physical Appearance

Many people tend to judge you by looking at your physical appearance. It’s not a moral judgement– it’s just how humans are wired, biologically. They will judge you based on how you talk, walk, and your overall physical appearance. In many situations it’s essential to put your best foot forward and create the best impression.

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Aging female

Taking Care of Your Skin Is Taking Care of Your Health

Shelter is one of our basic survival needs. Our homes take a beating from the elements so that we don’t have to endure them. If you live somewhere with a lot of rain, having a regular roof-cleaning service is a no-brainer. Maintenance is required to keep the structures that protect us in good condition. Similarly,

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Lack of Balance

Lack of Balance: What Causes it and How Do You Treat It?

If you’ve ever had that feeling of standing up and getting dizzy right after hours of taking a nap, you might be lightheaded, and you might have a lack of balance. Getting dizzy right after standing upright from being in a resting position is one of the most common symptoms of a balance problem. So

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Detecting Stress in Kids: Telltale Signs to Watch Out For

As kids get older, they often take on new responsibilities, engage in more activities, and face more homework loads, making them more susceptible to stress. In fact, more than 72% of kids in the U.S. exhibit negative behaviors linked to stress, and 62% of them develop physical symptoms because of it, including headaches and stomachaches. Whether it’s

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crooked teeth

Common Causes of Crooked Teeth and Their Treatments

Teeth are essential parts of the body intended for breaking down food, when they start to misalign, several problems may occur. But before we discuss the different affordable dental treatments and ortho appliances to get them fixed, let’s talk about the common causes of crooked and misaligned teeth. Jaw Size The food today is processed and

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senior with alzheimers

Can Alzheimer’s Symptoms Be Delayed?

Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease. It is often invisible: the patient suffering from it may seem forgetful at times but otherwise healthy and functioning. That is why, in many patients, a diagnosis comes a little too late. Family members only start to worry when the disease has already progressed, severely affecting their behavior and movements.

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mother and child

Improving Family Mental Health During a Pandemic

When every day you are reminded of increasing COVID-19 cases and potential health risks, it can take a toll on your mental health. People can become more recluse, depressed, and anxious because of the uncertainty. For sure, your family is feeling the pressure of the pandemic. Although going out used to be one of the

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cosmetic braces

Want to learn about the benefits of cosmetic braces?

As dental techniques have advanced, more people are choosing to undertake treatment with braces. Sound odd? While this orthodontic treatment was once seen as a burden to your appearance and your social life, there are now many cosmetic aligners and braces which can straighten your smile without disrupting your day-to-day social life. If you are

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