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senior with alzheimers

Can Alzheimer’s Symptoms Be Delayed?

Alzheimer’s is a cruel disease. It is often invisible: the patient suffering from it may seem forgetful at times but otherwise healthy and functioning. That is why, in many patients, a diagnosis comes a little too late. Family members only start to worry when the disease has already progressed, severely affecting their behavior and movements.

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mother and child

Improving Family Mental Health During a Pandemic

When every day you are reminded of increasing COVID-19 cases and potential health risks, it can take a toll on your mental health. People can become more recluse, depressed, and anxious because of the uncertainty. For sure, your family is feeling the pressure of the pandemic. Although going out used to be one of the

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cosmetic braces

Want to learn about the benefits of cosmetic braces?

As dental techniques have advanced, more people are choosing to undertake treatment with braces. Sound odd? While this orthodontic treatment was once seen as a burden to your appearance and your social life, there are now many cosmetic aligners and braces which can straighten your smile without disrupting your day-to-day social life. If you are

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family bonding on sofa

Family Bonding Through Healthy Fast Food

The COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine restrictions kept us from spending time with our friends and family. We were restricted to staying home and practicing social distancing. Now that the world has been making a slow and steady recovery, we find ourselves wanting to make up for lost bonding time during the last couple of

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Relaxed woman outdoors

Healthy and Happy: How to Achieve Your Ideal Body Size and Condition

Most people are aware that happiness is a short-term achievement in life. You can do many things to feel happy about yourself. It will take a lot of effort to maintain the feeling. You might be living the rest of your life trying to achieve happiness in everything you do. If you are looking for

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father and son exercising

The Family that Exercises Together, Succeeds Together

To a large degree, America has become a victim of its own success. Undoubtedly, many Americans are enjoying living standards that are far beyond the reach of less privileged families in poorer countries. The birthplace of the Big Mac is definitely teeming with affluence. But alas and alack, such moneyed existence is taking a huge

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hazard concept

Home Hazards: 3 Health Concerns that Indicate a Problem in Your House

You might not have noticed it before. Before the pandemic-induced quarantine, it was easy to assume that all your health irks are related to outdoor elements. Now that you’re frequently at home, however, it’s not as hard to determine why you still reach for your stock of antihistamines and ibuprofen daily. If you regularly suffer from

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How to Effectively Take Care of Common Skin Infections

As most of us know, our skin is essentially the barrier that separates the harsh outside environment and its elements from the “delicate” soft organs and that we have inside our body. Our skin is not just the most durable organ in our body (aside from our bones), but it’s also known for stopping microbes

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first aid

First Aid: Minimizing Injuries from an Epileptic Seizure

Have you ever went to events that feature bright blinking lights, and you saw warning signs that these lights might cause epileptic seizures? Well, there’s a good reason those signs are there in the first place. Treating someone currently having a seizure episode is easier said than done. Even though not everyone has ever experienced

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What Are Some Exercises Bedridden Patients Can Do?

There are several reasons why we could be bedridden, but most of the time, it’s because we are severely injured or sick. But even though we’re stuck in a hospital bed or our bed at home, we still need to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit. Of course, we don’t necessarily have to do heavy

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