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Gifts Every Child Deserves to Get From Their Dad?

Parenting is never easy. You may have multiple kids by now but still have no idea how to parent well. It is not enough that you become a great provider for your kids. You also need to be involved in caring and disciplining your children. They say the best gifts you can give to your

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Essential Pointers to Keep Your Wedding Simple

In 2019, the average wedding cost couples around $33,900. The amount includes the expenses for the engagement ring, ceremony, and reception. The amount can be normal to some couples who prefer to put things up a notch on their special day, but to some couples who prefer the simplest of weddings, that amount is a lot

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Why Outdoor Play Matters for Growing Children

Did you know that kids these days spend seven hours in front of their screens––tablets, televisions, phones, and computers––and just 30 minutes a day playing actively? The kids of today now choose to live a sedentary lifestyle than engaging in outdoor play. These can harm their well-being and health in the long run. If you’re

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A Healthy and Happy Family Life: A Guide for Workaholic Parents

Achieving a healthy balance between work and personal life can be challenging, especially if you are busy raising a family. There will be times when you will feel overwhelmed because of your daily obligations at work and home. However, like most parents, you will likely find joy and happiness knowing that your family, especially your

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Stop the Nagging: Overcoming the Parent-Teen Chore Wars

Unless you’ve acquired a futuristic robot to do them for you, chores are a must in our everyday lives. How else would you go about taking care of the trash than have someone in the household do it? However, as routine as these tasks may seem, getting them done is another story if you have

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Helicopter Parenting: Pitfalls You Should Note and Avoid

Parenting has become an overwhelmingly challenging task for people nowadays. Every parent’s mission is to bring up kids who are healthy, happy, and productive. While it seems like an easy task, more children are growing up into their teens and adulthood feeling unsatisfied and disoriented with themselves. Children feel that they are not capable of

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Adjusting Children in Blended Families

There is no stopping two people in love. As they move further into the relationship, forming a life together becomes the ultimate dream. But when each of them has their own children, it becomes a complicated story. The more, the merrier. There’s no reason this phrase couldn’t apply to blended families, even though current statistics

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How Can Household Chores Help with a Child’s Development?

Throughout much of our life, our skills and abilities are usually attributed to our experiences with activities. Many parents are well-aware of this and will usually expose their children to various activities so that they’ll be able to grow and hone many of their physical, cognitive, and social skills. When children are “mature” enough in learning

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Stimulating Activities to Do at Home with Your Kids

Learning should never be confined inside the four walls of the school. At home, there are ways to continue your kids’ learning while keeping them engaged and entertained. More hours at home could breed negative habits such as using gadgets longer, oversleeping, or binge-watching TV shows and movies. While these activities can be fun and

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