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How to Get Your Kids to Spend More Time Outdoors

Kids today don’t spend nearly enough time in the outdoors. Unlike your own generation and the generations that came before you, playtime for kids today mostly occurs indoors, and usually in front of screens of varying sizes. Spending time outdoors is highly beneficial towards a child’s growth and development. Exposure to nature helps them develop

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Three Pointers for Better Parenting

Many people are afraid of becoming parents. They fear they will not be able to live up to the task. It’s true. Being a parent is difficult. However, generations upon generations of people have been successful at it. If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t exist. Even though there is no blueprint, history has provided us with

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Restless Lately? Here are 4 Ideas to Improve Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Maybe you’re not a morning person, but it could also be that your bedroom isn’t as healthy as you think it is. If you’ve been suffering from frequent bouts of restlessness and fatigue lately, it’s worth observing the quality rest you get. Several factors in your bedroom could actually be hindering your body from reaching

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A Guide to Dating Someone Vegan this Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And Christmas is not that far behind. During the holiday season, there’s nothing worse than being alone. Anyone who’s found their significant other is lucky because they have someone to celebrate the festivities with. ; So you’re lucky if you’re able to find

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Four Destinations to Consider for Your Next Family Trip

Time flies fast and in the blink of an eye, it is going to be summer again. This year, maybe you planned to bring your family to visit Europe or go to the Caribbean. Or perhaps even visit the clear blue waters and white sand beach in Boracay, Philippines. But the pandemic messed your travel

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family hike

What Outdoor Activities Can Your Family Engage in During the Pandemic?

It was on March 11 when the World Health Organization declared the Covid-19 crisis as a pandemic. In a snap, kids are out of school, had to physically distance from their friends, and are stuck indoors 24/7. Here we are months after and some kids are back at school while others are learning from home.

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How to Prepare for Your Wedding Day

Are you getting married soon? You are probably engaged to a dream fiancée, and you really want your wedding day to be perfect. For it to happen, you need to do a lot of preparations and planning beforehand. Unfortunately, planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Some couples do prefer to hire professionals to help them

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man about to propose to his girlfriend

Wedding Proposals as a Family Affair: Propose with the Family!

Family and celebrations are synonymous with one another. Celebrating milestones is more memorable when the family is around. Consider this: why not have the family with you when you pop the question to your significant other? It’s always fun to incorporate your loved ones into the marriage proposal. Your fiancée-to-be will appreciate the event more

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will and testament

Why a will is so important

Many people put it off because no one really likes to think about the moment that they pass away. Unless illness has brought light to the situation, it’s not often thought about and filed away in the ‘to do later’ pile because there is time for that down the line. This is understandable. In fact,

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