How to Prepare for Your Wedding Day

Are you getting married soon? You are probably engaged to a dream fiancée, and you really want your wedding day to be perfect. For it to happen, you need to do a lot of preparations and planning beforehand. Unfortunately, planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Some couples do prefer to hire professionals to help them

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man about to propose to his girlfriend

Wedding Proposals as a Family Affair: Propose with the Family!

Family and celebrations are synonymous with one another. Celebrating milestones is more memorable when the family is around. Consider this: why not have the family with you when you pop the question to your significant other? It’s always fun to incorporate your loved ones into the marriage proposal. Your fiancée-to-be will appreciate the event more

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will and testament

Why a will is so important

Many people put it off because no one really likes to think about the moment that they pass away. Unless illness has brought light to the situation, it’s not often thought about and filed away in the ‘to do later’ pile because there is time for that down the line. This is understandable. In fact,

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party popsicles

Creative Ideas to Make Zoom Parties More Fun

COVID-19 cases are rising again by the tens of thousands in America. Experts warn that we are in for a long and difficult winter. It shows that just because we are tired of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean it’s over. We are being asked to stay home, keep our distance, and avoid large gatherings to

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wedding ball gown

In Sickness and in Health: Safety Pointers for a COVID-19 Wedding

Earlier this year, thousands of engaged couples were left in dismay as they either had to reschedule or cancel their wedding plans altogether. The wedding industry, valued at $74 billion, was among the worst-hit sector by the pandemic. There were about 450,000 weddings originally scheduled for the spring of 2020. As more states and local

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employees working together

How to Make Your Workers Want to Work for You

Employees are the backbone of every company. However, certain factors can lead to dissatisfaction —leading to high turnover rates. Good workers are essential to a company’s success and keeping them should always be a company’s priority. A Good Working Environment Workplace morale is largely dictated by the office environment. Employers need to ensure that their

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happy family

Everything You’ll Need for a Family Self-care Day

When we talk about self-care, we aren’t just talking about our caring for our physical appearances. In this guide, we also included a list of activities that you can do to really help you and your family bond together. The pandemic has been going on for a little over seven months now. If you’re still

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Your Life as a Parent to a Toddler and a Senior Dog

They said it’s not easy to raise a child, but have they ever thought of raising toddlers and senior dogs? You are responsible for both their lives. They are dependent on you. Every decision you make will affect them for the long-term. And best (and sometimes, worst) of all, you love them both that it’s

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family at home

Creative Ideas to Achieve a Cosy and Elegant Home for Your Family

Building and designing a beautiful home is probably one of the most significant dreams you have for your family. If you can successfully provide your loved ones a safe place to stay, you will feel that your life is happier and more meaningful. Unfortunately, not everyone has the capacity and the privilege to afford a

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father and son playing sports

Activities to Connect with Your Family Deeper

We all want to be connected to our families. One might think that we already have the deepest connection possible, being that we’re connected by blood, there lies a certain sense of distance between everyone in the family. Perhaps this is because we’re each other’s “normal” that we’re boring and mundane to each other. We

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